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Often known as a painful disorder, Endometriosis includes a tissue that ideally lies in the uterus's interiors or the endometrium that grows inside one's uterus. The ailment is most likely to have fallopian tubes and ovaries besides tissues lining in one's pelvis. Rarely, the endometrial-like tissue is expected to be found beyond the region where pelvic organs are placed. The endometrial-like tissues tend to act as endometrial tissue with Endometriosis, and it tends to thicken or break down besides bleeding with each monthly cycle. But this tissue fails to exit one's body if it gets trapped in it. When Endometriosis is likely to include ovaries, cysts are known as endometriomas are likely to be formed. In addition, the surrounding tissue is expected to get irritated, ideally developing some scar tissue or adhesions, which are bands of fibrous tissues which lead to pelvic tissues or organs which stick together. 

At times Endometriosis leads to severe pain, especially during menstrual cycles. It can also lead to fertility issues, but the best part is that various effective treatments are available. 


Pelvic pain is likely to be the main symptom of Endometriosis, and it is mainly linked with menstrual cycles. Even though one might experience some cramping during their periods, those who have Endometriosis might describe it way worse than an average person.  Pain is also likely to enhance over time. 

Some common signs of Endometriosis are:

Painful periods are likely to include pelvic pain and cramping, which are expected to begin before or extend after menstrual cycles. One might also go through some back pain. Additionally, women might have pain during intercourse. Additionally, people are also likely to have painful bowel movements. One might experience heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycles or even bleeding during periods. Lastly, there could be some other signs also include fatigue, diarrhea, and others. 

The pain's severity is not likely to indicate the extent of one's condition, and they might also have mild Endometriosis with a lot of pain. On the flip side, people have severe Endometriosis with no pain or slight pain. At times, Endometriosis is caused due to some other conditions or mistaken for pelvic pain or ovarian cysts. It might also be confused with irritable bowel syndrome. 

When does one need to see a doctor?

One should see a medical professional if they have a sign or even some symptoms which indicate Endometriosis. Endometriosis is likely to be a challenging condition, so an early diagnosis is always better. 

Some causes of Endometriosis:

Retrograde menstruation is likely to be a common cause of Endometriosis. Endometrial cells are likely to flow back through one's fallopian tubes or pelvic cavity instead of exiting from their body during this condition. These endometrial cells are expected to stick to surfaces of one's pelvic walls, growing and developing into thick walls that tend to bleed during each menstrual cycle. 

Transformation of peritoneal cells- it is also known as induction theory, where hormones or immune elements are likely to promote change.

Surgical scar implantation- once the surgery, like the c section, is done, the endometrial cells are likely to attach to the surgical incision. 


Infertility is the main complication caused due to Endometriosis, and it develops after few years of menstruation. Signs or symptoms are likely to make it challenging for people with Endometriosis to get pregnant. For a pregnancy to be successful, an egg needs to be released from one's ovary. It needs to travel through the fallopian tube nearby to become fertilized by some sperms and attach them to the uterine wall to start development. Endometriosis is likely to obstruct some pipes and keep the sperm and egg from uniting. But the condition is also expected to affect the fertility part. One needs to know that they can still carry a pregnancy to a given term if they have mild Endometriosis. Doctors advise patients with Endometriosis not to delay their pregnancy as the condition might worsen with time. 

Lastly, ovarian cancer is also likely to happen to people with Endometriosis, but overall, the risk tends to be below. Hence, endometriosis symptoms can improve with pregnancy, but one should consult a doctor for a better opinion. Hence, it is always a better idea to consult an expert such as Dr. Prachi Benara who is a professional infertility specialist.

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