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frozen donor egg for ivf in gurgaon

IVF using egg donors is a reproductive therapy option for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to use their eggs. The success rates for egg donor IVF are reasonable, especially when using a screened egg donor (rather than a family member or friend), and are better than the typical IVF success rates for couples who do not use a donor.

When IVF with Egg Donors Is Necessary?

The lady takes fertility medicines to promote egg production in her ovaries in traditional IVF treatment. The eggs are extracted using an ultrasound-guided needle once they have reached maturity.

The recovered eggs are placed in a Petri dish with sperm cells in the hopes of fertilizing some of the eggs. Embryos can then be implanted in the mother's uterus, transferred to a gestational carrier's uterus, or frozen for use in a later round.

But what if the expectant mothers’ ovaries aren't able to produce enough eggs for traditional IVF? What if the intended mother's ovaries are missing entirely? What if a gay man and woman desire to start a family? Then egg donor IVF might be suggested. 
In the following cases, egg donor IVF may be required or advised.

  • Infertility caused by old age (most often for women age 40 or older)
  • A lone male with a pregnant woman
  • A gay male couple is expecting a kid with the help of a gestational carrier.
  • On the female partner's side, there is a danger of genetic illness.
  • Ovarian reserves are low (indicated by very high FSH levels or a low antral follicle count)
  • Ovarian insufficiency (primary) (also known as premature ovarian failure)
  • Treatment for cancer survivors (if the ovaries or eggs were damaged or removed)
  • IVF treatments have been cancelled several times due to inadequate or low ovarian response.
  • IVF failures that are unexplained

Due to a congenital abnormality, a woman is born without her ovaries.

Process :-

Logistics and Decisions

The intending parents meet with a psychologist or counsellor when a reproductive endocrinologist finds that egg donor IVF is the best option. They discuss the psychological dangers and benefits of egg donor IVF before deciding if it's appropriate for them.

At the fertility clinic, the intended parents will almost certainly meet with a financial advisor. IVF using egg donors is quite expensive, so they'll need to be sure they can afford it and devise a strategy for raising the finances they'll need.

Before the Donation

You'll begin the actual egg donation IVF cycle once all legal and economic difficulties are resolved and the donor and intended mother have achieved whatever fertility testing and screening is required for treatment to begin.

The expected uterus will be physiologically ready to receive an embryo when the donor's fertilized eggs are prepared for embryo shift. This usually entails the use of birth control tablets and injectable medications to suppress the reproductive system.

Treatment Cycle 

The treatment cycle will begin once the donor and prospective mother have their periods. To stimulate egg production, the donor will be given injectable fertility medications. Her process will be pretty similar to a traditional IVF cycle, except the embryo transfer.

For the doctor to maintain the donor and the intended mother in sync, the expected mother will give herself injections that suppress the reproductive system. She'll also be taking estrogen supplements. The estrogenic will tell the uterus that it needs to build a new lining.


Egg donors are exposed to the same risks as women undergoing traditional IVF. All fertility medicines used to stimulate the ovaries have dangers and adverse effects that the donor should be aware of.

The most dangerous to the donor is the development of OHSS. Donors are usually young and fertile. Therefore, their risk is slightly higher than that of an infertile woman undergoing IVF.

The donor faces psychological dangers as well. The donor may eventually come to regret her decision to donate her eggs, or she may wonder what happened to the eggs she donated and the kid she helped to conceive.


IVF with egg donors is quite expensive. There are also IVF refund schemes that act as a form of insurance if the procedure fails. You'll get at least some of your money back if you don't get pregnant. You can also look for ways to save money on IVF therapy by getting cash.

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