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Many individuals and couples face a hard time getting expectations. They need to take better steps to upgrade their trances of becoming parents naturally before consulting the fertility specialist. Studies of an SRM for the American society for reproductive medicine shows that the partners highest possibilities of getting the good news are in the first six months of trying. The percentage of that is between 20 to almost 40. According to the research the experts have analyzed, the more time the couple spends trying, the higher their chances of getting pregnant naturally. 80% in the first year and by the end of the second year it gets to 90%.

Today we are going to discuss when and how to create a healthy lifestyle around sexual habits. We will also help you to maximize the possibilities of fertility. There is a misconception of associated fertility issues with the female partner ultimately or a majority of it. It is wholly forced because statistics have shown issues around pregnancy take place equally in males and females. So both parties need to take care of this sexual health and follow the advisory.


  • Natural fertility happens with sexual intercourse. In this process, the sperm of the male is being discharged into the female vagina. Then the egg and the sperm travel towards each other. The egg chooses the healthiest sperm to fertilize the embryo, which locates itself inside the womb.
  • Partners who are engaging themselves in conceiving naturally should monitor their chances with ovulation trackers and time their sexual activities according to that because the presence of the egg is very crucial.
  • Evidence does not support the theory that sexual positioning influences the fertility rate.
  • Partners who are trying should educate themselves on which lubricant to choose because the wrong one can negatively affect the health of the sperm.
  • Habits around lifestyle are crucial for both women and men, which are maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, thyroid and blood pressure. 
  • Completely cutting off or decreasing smoking and alcohol consumptions because all of these can harmfully affect the process of natural fertility.


The most crucial thing an individual or couple can do to raise their possibility of naturally conceiving is observing ovulation circles which means tracking the release of the fully grown egg for pregnancy. Intercourse needs to be the time according to the ovulation pattern. At the same time, they are doing everything that the individual or couple can concentrate on the wellbeing of the reproductive systems.

Numerous misconceptions and myths revolve around conception, mainly how to do the intercourse to get the good news as soon as possible. There are no studies that show that the possibility of pregnancy increases by particular sexual positions. Fertility can't be potential by lying in a specific position by women after sex or resting by the female after sexual activities.

Commonly sperm gets discharged inside the vaginal canal and travels to the fallopian tubes. The egg has also travelled from the sack to make fertilization happen within a few moments. It doesn't matter which position the couple has taken while having sexual intercourse.

There are so many couples who use lubricants to help the intercourse without knowing that this can negatively impact the mortality and survival chances of the sperm, which travels towards the egg significantly.

Saliva, olive oil and commercial lubricants should be avoided at all costs when conceiving naturally. If couples want to use commercial lubricants, it should be hydroxyethyl cellulose-based such as Kamasutra Premium or Astroglide Naturals, only if it's necessary.

How Often:

There is no specific number when it comes to how many times partners should have intercourse. The researchers have published that the people who have sexual activities at least two times a week higher up their possibility of natural pregnancy. Experts have also observed that long term abstinence from sexual activities can reduce the quality of a male's sperm.

Prior there was a concept that said that women who are under birth control should wait for a certain period before starting trying to get expectant. This train of thought is no longer considered to be true. It is proven that there is no need or reason to wait or delay the fertility process through attempting.

Which time of the circle the intercourse is taking place is much more crucial to the possibilities of fertility rather than the number of times a couple should have sex. Sex earlier to ovulation holds more chances of resulting in expectancy.

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